Calendar 2015


2015 Calendar at a glance

21st February, 9am Nepean VCTA South East Zone - round 1

1st March, 10.30am Colac MCC v Colac DTL (ACTA)

March 20-29 Wagga Wagga ACTA Trap Nationals

18th April, 9am Mornington VCTA South East Zone - round 2

16th May, 9am
MCC v Melbourne Shield F&G

30th May, 11am Greenvale F&G
Greenvale Cup - Vintagers SxS

31st May, 10am Metropolitan MCC v Metropolitan F&G shield
6th June, 11am Seymour MCC v Seymour F&G Shield

5th July, 9.30am Ballarat MCC v Ballarat F&G

12th July, 9am Werribee VCTA South East Zone - round 3
26th July, 10am Cranbourne/Frankston MCC v Cranbourne/Frankston F&G
8th August, 11am Greenvale MCC v Greenvale F&G

29th August, 9am Morwell VCTA South East Zone - round 4

29-30 August Wagga Wagga
ACTA sporting nationals

12th September Melbourne MCC v Melbourne Skeet (ACTA)
3rd October, 10.30am Port Phillip F&G

10th October Frankston VCTA South East Zone Carnival
31st October - 1 November Pine Grove F&G Nationals
6-8 November Echuca VCTA State Trap Titles (ACTA)

13th December Frankston MCC Xmas Shoot
  • Events in blue are MCC F&G Events. (You must be a MCC Branch Member of Field & Game to participate)
  • Events in red are confirmed Vintager Events. MCC members welcome but Side By Side guns ONLY
  • Events in green are VCTA South East Zone DTL teams events. (You must be an MCC registered ACTA shooter if you wish to participate). These team events count towards Playing Membership qualification of the MCC. 4 of the 5 events must be attended to qualify. Juniors of 16 and over, A & AA Grade must be achieved to qualify for playing membership.
  • Events in orange are events at other clubs that MCC members will be attending if you wish to join the team.
  • Only Events in Green Blue and Black Count towards MCC Clay Target Club Championship.