Calendar 2015


2015 Calendar at a glance

21st February, 9am Nepean VCTA South East Zone - round 1

1st March, 10.30am Colac MCC v Colac DTL (ACTA)

March 20-29 Wagga Wagga ACTA Trap Nationals

18th April, 9am Nepean VCTA South East Zone - round 2

16th May, 9am
MCC v Melbourne Shield F&G
23rd May, 10am Frankston MCC training day

30th May, 11am Greenvale F&G
Greenvale Cup - Vintagers SxS

31st May, 10am Metropolitan MCC v Metropolitan F&G shield
6th June, 11am Seymour MCC v Seymour F&G Shield

5th July, 9.30am Ballarat MCC v Ballarat F&G

12th July, 9am Werribee VCTA South East Zone - round 3
26th July, 10am Cranbourne/Frankston MCC v Cranbourne/Frankston F&G
8th August, 11am Greenvale MCC v Greenvale F&G
15th August, 10am Frankston MCC training day

29th August, 9am Morwell VCTA South East Zone - round 4

29-30 August Wagga Wagga
ACTA sporting nationals

12th September Melbourne MCC v Melbourne Skeet (ACTA)
3rd October, 10.30am Port Phillip F&G

10th October Frankston VCTA South East Zone Carnival
31st October - 1 November Pine Grove F&G Nationals
6-8 November Echuca VCTA State Trap Titles (ACTA)

13th December Frankston MCC Xmas Shoot
  • Events in blue are MCC F&G Events. (You must be a MCC Branch Member of Field & Game to participate)
  • Events in red are confirmed Vintager Events. MCC members welcome but Side By Side guns ONLY
  • Events in Green are VCTA South East Zone DTL team events. These team events count towards potential Playing Membership qualification of the MCC. 4 of the 5 events must be attended to qualifiy. Juniors of 16 and over, or A & AA Grade must be achieved to qualify. Playing Membership is issued at the MCC Commitees discretion. ( You must be an MCC registered ACTA member if you wish to participate )
  • Events in orange are events at other clubs that MCC members will be attending if you wish to join the team.
  • Only Events in Green Blue and Black Count towards MCC Clay Target Club Championship.